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FIKA Coffeehouse is rooted in love for people and community.

Our aim is to provide a welcoming, creative, and interesting space to enjoy quality coffee, a drink or two, and a conversation with friends, enjoy live music, or participate in a workshop of some kind.

We want our customers to value coming into FIKA because of the simple yet interesting menu, the atmosphere of the space, and because we have built a relationship with them.

We want people to feel cared about and valued every time they walk through the doors.

The name Fika was chosen for the café because of it’s cultural significance for my family and overall philosophy. Put simply, fika is a Swedish term meaning to have coffee and something to eat together with family and friends. It is an opportunity to slow down, pause, take a break, and connect with each other. It is an important part of life in Sweden and built into all settings of daily life and work. It is a tradition & philosophy that was instilled in our family by my grandparents.

My grandparents were the very best hosts – their kitchen was warm and welcoming and it was the central gathering place in their small farmhouse. You were always welcome and the coffee pot was always on. They filled their space with laughter and stories and love and delicious, simple food. They were two of my very favorite people and FIKA Coffeehouse is in part, a love letter to them.


The word Coffeehouse was chosen because of it’s historical significance as a community meeting place for people to engage in social organizing and discussing political & philosophical ideas. A coffeehouse is a place for people to gather, to connect with each other through dialogue. The hope is that FIKA Coffeehouse will be a place for people to come together, to connect, to build, to celebrate, to relax, to enjoy music and art, and to participate in new learning.

It was in my Grandma’s kitchen that I developed a love for the creation of delicious food and community – the philosophy was that neighbors & strangers alike were welcome anytime and the coffee pot was put on as soon as they arrived, and put on a second or third time depending on how long they stayed. My grandparents were generous in their hospitality, always sharing their space, their food, their humor, their stories, their love, and of course their coffee. We want to share this love of coming together over good food and drinks; continuing the tradition of developing and nurturing community. 

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